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Bill Speckman, owner of Your Cycling Italia, is a certified Elite Category 1 USA Cycling coach, Masters category bicycle racer and a former semi-professional motocross competitor. He’s helped many guests at YCI to improve their bike fit and handling skills, and can provide coaching advice as well if you’re training for a special event or racing season.


Descending in the Dolomite Mountains


Some of the best cycling in Italy is in the Veneto mountains, and YCI has plenty of epic climbs and jaw-dropping descents. Our rides in the mountains may entail an hour or two of climbing, followed by 20 to 30 minutes of descending. Italian roads use frequent 180-degree switchbacks to enable passage over otherwise impassable routes; this design makes climbing far less daunting (you can’t see too far ahead!) and descending a joy.To help you enjoy riding through the terrain, Bill will show you the proper technique for handling switchbacks safely and confidently. You’ll learn how to approach each turn, brake and shift your weight, and accelerate to maintain your momentum. By watching Bill descend correctly, and then doing it yourself with his one-on-one guidance, you’ll take home new, invaluable skills from your YCI bike trip.


Bike Fitting for Comfort and Performance


While most YCI guests are experienced cyclists, we still host folks who aren’t fitted perfectly to their bikes. They’ve just come to accept some level of discomfort, or aren’t aware of the improvements to their power or efficiency that could be made with some minor tweaks.When you ride with Bill, he’ll be glad to assess your riding position and explain what he sees. If you’ve experienced numb hands, sore knees, or just aren’t sure if your fit is right, Bill can help diagnose the issues and recommend possible corrections. Some changes may be easy adjustments to your saddle position or stem height, while others may require a new part or two for your bike.


Improved Fitness…While On Your Italian Vacation


Even if you’re not coming to YCI to hammer every day, you’ll probably gain strength and endurance from riding with us. Most of our guests don’t have the luxury of training full-time like professionals, so when they spend 3-6 hours a day on the bike at YCI they get fitter. We’re fortunate to be based in a part of Italy that has truly diverse terrain: serious mountain climbs, rolling hills in wine country, and flat river valleys to cruise for recovery. Just let Bill know if you’re interested in tailoring your riding time at YCI to prepare for a special event like a century or race back home.


Contact Bill to Get Fit To learn more about Bill’s coaching and fitting services, please contact us.


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