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YCI’s bike camp is owned and managed by Bill and Anna Speckman. We have nearly a decade of experience guiding bike tours and hosting guests in the Veneto region of Italy, and absolutely love our time from May through October in Italy (who wouldn’t?). As a small, family-run company, we provide a personal touch and customized Italian cycling vacation that larger companies can’t even consider. Our mission is to make your bike trip in Italy truly yours, to show you everything Italian on a bicycle… this is your ride!


Bill (Aceto Forte) Speckman Owner Your Cycling Italia.


YCI Founder-Owner


There’s a reason the Bassano locals call Bill aceto forte. He’ll be leading you up a serious climb, and you’ll look down after 30 minutes of switchbacks to see that he’s still in his big ring from the valley below. 53 up a 6% grade. And he’ll be chatting away as if it were a casual coffee shop ride. Strong vinegar indeed.


Bill guides our “A” level rides. He knows all of the back roads, some of which are barely two bikes wide. Bill puts in about 10,000 miles a year, but it’s not all about hardcore cycling; he really enjoys showing guests the hidden routes, cool cafes, and grand vistas he’s discovered, so they can share in the Italian experience that means so much to him. On some recovery days, he’ll lead everyone on a mellow ride to a local bike shop.


Bill is originally from Massachusetts and has been cycling for more than 20 years. He’s a Masters bicycle racer, former Tri- athlete competitor and runner and Semi Pro Motocross racer along with being certified by USA Cycling as a Category 1 Coach, a Mechanic, and a Motorcycle Referee. Previously, Bill worked for Mavic technical support as a motorcycle driver at US stage races and helps out when available on SRAM’s neutral support program . He now spends half the year in Bassano and is proficient in Italian.



Anna Speckman Owner Your Cycling Italia.


YCI Founder-Owner


Anna is a people person through and through. She founded Your Cycling Italia because she truly enjoys the hospitality business, especially when it comes to making people feel comfortable and welcome. By spending time with YCI guests, guiding them on local tours, and talking about local culture and food, Anna does her part to create special memories for everyone.

Anna was born in California, but spent most of her adulthood in Italy. In fact, she grew up just a few miles from YCI and has great connections with the local community. Anna knows many of the professional cyclists and coaches who live and train in the area, especially those associated with the velodrome in Bassano. Anna is fluent in English and Italian, so she can help all of our guests both in the hotel and around town.



Krista Smith Your Cycling Italia Ride Leader.

Ride Leader


Krista has lived in Bassano del Grappa since 2000 and leads our “B” level rides. In an average year, she rides about 6,000 miles and participates in a number of granfondos; she’s done the Granfondo Campagnolo, Maratona delle Dolomiti, and Giro della Sardegna, among others.


Krista speaks Italian and knows the best spots for mid-ride coffee or gelato. When she first moved to Italy, Krista was amazed by all of the well-paved, traffic-free roads in the hills. As she explored the area, she soon reached the conclusion that the Veneto region has the best riding in the world. We couldn’t agree more! Krista now knows the back roads better than most of the locals, and loves showing guests different routes and hidden towns they would never otherwise see.



April Pedersen Your Cycling Italia Ride Leader.


Ride Leader


April is another well-established — dare we say famous? — transplant to the Veneto. She’s been cycling for more than 30 years and leads our “C” level rides. April also enjoys riding in local Granfondo events. She’s fluent in Italian and knows our routes by heart.


Living in the area for more than 15 years, April is a wealth of information about the Veneto. Her Web site Bici Veneto is a real testament to the region’s love of cycling, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with YCI guests.


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