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Every morning at Your Cycling Italia’s bike camp we split up into 2-3 groups based on cycling fitness so that everyone feels comfortable during the daily bike ride. To make the most of your Italian cycling vacation, we hit the road by 8:00 a.m. and return to our base hotel by 1:00 p.m. for a great lunch.During each ride, we’ll typically stop to refill bottles and get a snack at a nice cafe or bakery.


Ride Length and Pace

Our “A” level rides usually cover 40-80 miles at a fast pace (20-22 mph+ on the flats), and our “B” rides from 40-60 miles at a brisk pace (16-20 mph on the flats). We’ll also do shorter, more leisurely “C” rides (25-50 miles at 14-16 mph) when we have a big enough group or some guests who want a recovery day.


Terrain and Scenery

YCI is located in a spectacular area of Italy for cycling: hundreds of miles of great pavement, and drivers who are aware and respectful of cyclists. We’ve got mountains to the north, rolling hills to the east and west, and flat valleys to the south. If you’ve never had the pleasure of riding in Europe, you’re in for a real treat; 20-60 minute climbs are routine, on nicely switch-backed roads with little traffic and practically no trash or glass. If you like rollers, you’ll enjoy heading out to the Valdobbiadene region, home to more Prosecco wineries than you knew existed. It puts Napa and Sonoma to shame, and gives Tuscany a run for its money, too.


Day-Long Rides

Depending on the season, weather, and our guests’ preferences, we will periodically schedule longer rides that keep us out all day. Sometimes we’ll drive to the start — for example, if we’re going to do some mountain riding in the Dolomites — while other times we may ride all day long if we have a strong group that wants to do 80-100 miles. On the days we don’t get back to the hotel’s restaurant for lunch, we’ll either stop at a local restaurant or have a picnic in a scenic spot.


If you’re wondering if YCI’s bike tours in Italy are right for your level of riding, please contact us. We enjoy hosting cycling enthusiasts of many ability levels, from weekend cyclists who do the occasional century to masters racers who train hard before work. That said, if you only get out for a ride every couple months on your local park’s multi-use path, YCI may not be the best fit for you. In order for you to be comfortable and safe at YCI, you should be happy riding on public roads for several hours at a time.


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