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Your Cycling Italia’s guests have such a great time during their Italian cycling vacations that they enjoy sharing their experiences with cyclists. If you’d like to submit a testimonial, please contact us.



The great thing about YOUR CYCLING ITALIA is Bill’s attention to detail and the fact that he incorporates everyone into the activities. riders and non. This was one of the greatest vacations EVER!

KM Skelly, Santa Fe, NM.



“Our trip to Italy was really great in all respects. You, Anna, and Steven were really fine hosts and companions, even when you would probably rather be doing something else. We appreciated being part of the family. Each day was a fun ride in spite of my lack of speed on the steeper climbs. The routes were interesting and showed the beauty of that part of Italy. Rolling or steep, I enjoyed each route.”

– Ken C., Texas



“I want to to thank you and Anna for making me feel so welcome and at home. My time with you was perfect in every way. I felt so comfortable and had a great time. The Veneto is a fantastic area for cycling. You know the area, roads and the local cycling scene so well, I can’t think of a better host and guide.

I remember all the great roads and scenery and look forward to riding them and new ones again. I remember the leg breaking Tomba, the scenic Asiago, Foggy Grappa, Croce d’Aune, Sella group etc. Wow, I am homesick for Italy right now!

I also appreciate you running me all over for my bike shop fetish. It was very generous of you. I have been enjoying much of my Italian kit. Not too much matching although I have to admit, matching it is starting to look better to me! Give my best to Anna and Steven.”

– Rich K., California


“You were certainly our mentor in all things from biking, eating, site-seeing, organizing, and arranging every perfect detail! We had a wonderful time with lots of great memories and stories that I am sure our bike buddies will continue to share forever!”

– Ann and Gaylen L., California


“Thanks for the last newsletter, a pleasant reminder of warm September days cycling with you in the Veneto. Also, a million thanks for hosting a cycling experience that’s professionally run while at the same time maintaining a feeling of being welcomed by friends for riding, sightseeing, and socializing. I’m truly impressed with the level of care you and Anna take to assure your guests’ comfort, safety, and well-being.”

– Mark P., Auburn, California


“Last summer I vacationed with Your Cycling Italia. This was by far the most authentic and memorable vacation I have ever gone. The food, wine, accommodations, and, of course, the riding were best-in-show. This was an experience that I think back on often, and one that I will never forget. In fact, I plan to come back every year for as long as I am able to do so!”

– Jeff T.


“Bill Speckman’s knowledge of the local scene is impressive…He knows all of the local towns, which are like small jewels surrounded by ancient moats and castle walls…You can invent your own ride or follow Bill’s advice on one of the many incredible rides he has planned out. The rides are always spectacular, whether you’re riding through the stunning Prosecco wine country or enjoying a cafe in a cycling mad town located high up above the Brenta river…What’s great about the YCI is that you stay in one place and simply walk downstairs to the restaurant, where you can eat one of the large and healthy meals.”

– Dan C.


“As an ‘old hand’ at cycling in the Veneto region—this trip was my 17th—I’ve got to say my stay at Your Cycling Italia this spring was among the very best, recapturing all the magic and challenges that made my first trip to the region back in 1989 so unforgettable. The accommodations and meals were first class and the rides—a mix of old favorites and interesting new routes—tested my fitness and rewarded me with some incredible scenic vistas.”

– Ed H. San Diego, CA

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