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Mel and Barbara of Tandems East Enjoying a Rest Stop in the Town of Tezza Sul Brenta in Italy.


Tandem cycling vacations are hard to come by, if you find one at all, and if you do, they are most likely a week long point to point variety. Your Cycling Italia (YCI) has an alternative cycling program that allows you to stay at one hotel and do all your rides from one location.

Point to point tandem bike tours are hardly a new concept. Most week long tours are usually organized by Tandem bike manufacturers or tandem shop owners that have fixed dates, fixed number of cyclists and usually fill out! On a point to point tour, you keep changing hotels… packing and unpacking your luggage daily and reluctantly riding your tandem bike in bad weather to reach the end of the day destination. As an alternative, YCI’s concept in cycling will have you arrive at our base camp hotel, you unpack once, and you leave from the same hotel riding out and back loops with our bicycle guides. More and more tandem cyclists are vacationing with YCI knowing they can come and go as their vacation days allow, no fixed dates and ride your pace with less stress as you explore the back roads of Italy!

What is amazing about our location is the variety of rides you can do from one location! Everyone is worried about the lay of the land when riding a tandem, will it be hilly?… too steep a climb? or will the descent fry my brakes! Sure we have all of that! But most prefer the flatter 30k-100k routes of the Venetian plains, amongst the farmland, quaint little towns and historic walled cities; we have plenty to ride, in one weeks time. And if you want more challenging terrain, it can be had in the hills of the sweet wines of Breganze, to cycling in the hilly vineyards that produce the famous prosecco wines. And if you are up to the challenge, plenty of climbing is in store for you within the mountains of the pre-dolomites. We have had several clients cycle up Mt. Grappa, a 28 k climb located in front of our hotel! And some have challenged themselves in Granfondo events cycling over multiple mountain passes on a strenuous, all day ride, in the company of 4,000 cyclists. We have it all, not to mention all the bicycle factories, Palladio villa’s and walled cities for you to visit and explore, all located in our local area!

Also, just for the tandems…YCI offers single bike rentals for days when one cyclist wants to cycle and the other cyclist wants to rest. And we can provide a bicycle guide for bigger tandem groups or you can ride amongst the single cyclists lead by one of our three bicycle guides. Look at the alternative and see why more cyclists are immersing themselves in the riding, sightseeing and cultural offerings of our area. Coming soon…tandem bike rentals.


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Here is an example of a Saturday to Sunday 9 day riding program...


stay with our cycling program, riding in the morning and participating in an activity or tour after lunch by van.




Arrive AM – Have lunch – Assemble Tandems – 30K self guided ride with marked route and trip sheet to hill top town – 7:30 dinner




Breakfast – 8am ride begins 65K Brenta River/Lake ride, rolling terrain – Lunch – Visit Palladio Villa – 7:30 Dinner




92k Follina in the rolling hills of Prosecco Country – Lunch – Visit Cantina maker of Prosecco wine




100k Giro of Mt Grappa, flat, roller – Lunch – Visit Sportful clothing factory and outlet




42k Marostica-flat/roller ride to this walled city to shop and visit a bicycle factory – lunch- Visit Castelli clothing outlet and retail bicycle store




95K All day outing to Nove and visit a Ceramic Outlet and have lunch at a Sea Food restaurant in Sandriego




95K Montello flat, canal ride – Lunch – Visit Elite factory known for water bottles and cages




95K Refrontolo rolling ride and visit a Restored Mill – Lunch – Pack Tandems – Last chance shopping in Bassano




Breakfast – Depart to Airport


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