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The most popular way to reach Your Cycling Italia is to fly into Venice’s Marco Polo airport (VCE) and then either rent a car or use our shuttle service to the hotel. See below for several alternatives.

Airport Options

  • Venice: closest major airport, 90 minute drive to YCI

  • Milan: 3-4 hour drive depending on traffic

  • Verona: 90 minute drive depending on traffic

  • Treviso: 60 minute drive depending on traffic




Ground Transportation Options If your Italian cycling vacation is focused on Your Cycling Italia with only a side trip or two (for example, a day in Venice or Verona), you will find that our hassle-free airport taxi is easier and less expensive than renting a car. Since we provide all of the transportation for morning and afternoon non-cycling activities, you don’t need a car to get around.


The YCI taxi costs 95 Euros per carload each way. A typical carload will be two people plus two bikes, but our driver can accommodate larger groups as necessary. You can make a reservation for the shuttle when you register.


If you want the flexibility of having your own car on your bicycle trip, or simply enjoy the challenge of navigating Italian provincial roads, you can rent a vehicle at any Italian airport. We can also help you rent a car in Bassano del Grappa if your plans change once you arrive at YCI.



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Trains are one way of getting around the Veneto of Italy.
Ariel shot of Lago del Corlo West of Monte Grappa in Italy.
Rent a Car or Van to to Explore Before or After your Visit at Your Cycling Italia Bicycle Tours in the Veneto of Italy.
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