ITALY'S GIRO D'ITALIA

Watching a pro bike race on television can be really exciting, especially if you have access to one of the European cable stations or Internet feeds that provide great coverage and commentary. But it’s not even close to seeing a grand tour live, up close and personal. You get to see much what’s lost on TV: the ridiculous speeds these guys hit on climbs that humble us mortals, some cool prototype gear that won’t show up in your local shop ’til next year, and the multi-lingual chaos that goes into pulling off a huge international event. Less obviously, you also get to see what a pro looks like on his bike, an elegance and grace that’s truly inspiring. When you schedule your Italian cycling vacation with YCI during the month of May, you’ll have a great opportunity to watch the Giro d’Italia live as it goes through the Veneto region.





There’s nothing quite like seeing a professional bike race like the Tour of Italy up close and personal, so we encourage you to plan your bike tour in Italy around this year’s stages. See our complete 2011 Giro d’Italia photo gallery.


In addition to taking you to the start and finish of nearby stages, YCI often have access to pit areas that are off-limits to the general public. Our connections to the local Italian cycling scene really pay off here; you’ll get to check out the race a bit closer to the inside than you ever thought possible. Here’s our fearless leader Bill hanging out with Sig. Mario “Il Re Leone” Cipollini.



YCI guests enjoy their time in Italy no matter what the season, but attending the Giro d’Italia makes a cycling vacation even more enjoyable. You can ride some of the same routes as the pros, and even ones that are tougher, during your stay at the bike camp. See our complete 2010 Giro d’Italia photo gallery.





Guests Bjarne and Robin from Alaska were with us to see the festivities along the famous Rossina climb in Marostica. We rode to this part of the stage, where we saw hundreds of locals staking out picnic spots in anticipation of the peleton’s arrival. The atmosphere is a bit like a carnival when the race caravan arrives, sponsors handing out promotional items and getting the crowd pumped up about the event. When you hear the helicopter, it’s a sign that the race leaders are close…and then before you know it, the riders are streaming by. They make it look easy, but we’ll do the same climb and then understand how strong they really are.


Noel and Yennery of Washington D.C. had a fantastic time meeting their countrymen from Venezuela, pro riders Carlos Ochoa and Jackson Rodriguez of the Diquigiovanni team. They also took home a superb souvenir for their bike shop: a team jersey autographed by the entire team, including stage winners Gilberto Simoni and Michele Scarponi. Over the years, I’ve had a chance to see many stages and I still get a kick out of meeting the pros. Most folks wouldn’t know them from anyone, but to cyclists like us they’re larger than life.


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