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Join Your Cycling Italia and Bicycle Emporium this May on our 9 day Four Star Lakes Tour all Inclusive for $3999 except airfare. 




We love to stay near the water, Italy has some of the World's most beautiful lakes to stay on. Just ask George Clooney. His place is right around the corner from our Hotel in Como.


You'll enjoy five star Hotels in Lago d' Orta, Como, and Lago d' Garda the great lakes of Italy. And of course with Bill "Bubba" Marengo you'll enjoy fine dining and enjoy Italy's finest grape juice. We'll ride, eat and drink in all that Italy has to offer. The Pizza and pasta will leave you always wanting more.We'll make a few wonderful stops Along the way and we'll swing by Colnago to see the world's finest bicycles.

Finally, our last stop is the quiet town of Bassano which is our home in Italy.  After you've been to Bassano you'll never be the same. It's a quite gem of the Northern region in Italy. Also, famous for some of the best Italian brands of cycling equipment on planet earth. We'll make sure you have time to explore this great city to eat, drink and fill your sense of Italy. We'll ride right from our Hotel to some great places like Valdobbiadene home of prosecco wine, Enego and up towards Trento.





Visit the factory of Colnago where your bicycle rentals came from! Meet Ernest Colnago and Alexandro as we have lunch and tour the factory and visit their museum to see everything Colnago! 




  • ​5/6 Wed     Arrive Milan, Malpensa airport, transfer Lake Orta

  • 5/7 Thur     Orta ride

  • 5/8 Fri       Colnago visit, transfer Lake Como

  • 5/9 Sat      Como ride

  • 5/10 Sun    Como, transfer Lake Garda 

  • 5/11 Mon    Garda ride

  • 5/12 Tue     Garda, transfer Bassano

  • 5/13 Wed    Bassano ride Enego

  • 5/14 Thur    Departure Venice airport   



Bill Speckman: Owner Your Cycling Italia Bicycle Tours.

Bill Marengo: Owner Bicycle Emporium Bicycle Colnago Shop, Auburn CA.

 Any cycling adventure is really only as good as the leaders of the trip right?

Bill Speckman has been searching for the best routes you'll ever ride in northern Italy for over 15 years now. Bill Marengo been to this region over 20 times over the last 25 years. It's Walt Disney for the road cyclist. As a team we're well versed in Euro travel. Let us show you a grand time in Italy.


We are committed to making sure "this is your ride" in the lakes region of Italy!





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During your bike ride enjoy the many views of lake Como in Italy with your Cycling Italia bicycle tours.
Relaxing hotel bar setting over looking lake Garda in Italy after Your Cycling Italia's bike tours bicycle ride.
The Italian colnago bicycle factory visit with Your Cycling Italia's bicycle tours.
The Italian Colnago bicycle factory museum visit with our clients with Your Cycling Italia's bicycle tours.
Bill Speckman of Your Cycling Italia bicycle tours and Bill Marengo of the Bicycle Emporium doing bike rides together in Italy.
Bill Marengo of Bicycle Emporium showing off the views of lake Orta on a bike ride with Your Cycling Italia bicycle tours.
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