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Fun Facts Of The Giro d’Italia That Will Surprise You

Now that the 2018 Giro d'Italia is in full swing here are some fun facts about this 101 year old stage race provided by the 1)The Giro d’Italia was started by a local Italian newspaper, La Gazzetta in an attempt to increase newspaper sales. The first race was held on 13th May 1909. 2)The main theme color of the Giro d’Italia is pink because the La Gazzetta newspaper is pink in color. 3)The women equivalent of the Giro d’Italia is the Giro Rosa which started in 1988. In 2018, it’s a 10-day stage race held from 6th to 15th July.

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2018 Giro d'italia Passo Tre Croci Cortina

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